Community Care Giving Circle

Community Caregiver Circle – Volunteers and staff provide supplemental social, home management and caregiver support to older adults 65 years of age and older and their primary caregivers.

  • Social Support– Volunteers may provide ongoing senior companionship, occasional friendly visits/safety checks, and/or telephone contact to older adults with little or no social support.
  • Home Management Support – Volunteers may provide occasional assistance with light house-keeping, yard work, and/or minor home repair/maintenance for older adults who are unable to perform these tasks and have no one willing and/or able to perform them.
  • Transportation Support – Volunteers may provide limited transport for Senior Companion Program participants to medical appointment or essential shopping trips, escort for participants using public transportation, and/or run errands.
  • Caregiver Support – Volunteers may provide occasional respite for primary caregivers of Senior Companion Program participants. Staff provides caregiver training/workshops and sponsors caregiver support groups.

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Cumberland County Council on Older Adults was established in 1968 as a non-profit organization and fifty-five years later we remain committed to our original mission of helping older adults living in Cumberland County maintain their independence at home with dignity.


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