Information & Options Counseling

Linking Seniors and Available Resources

Information and Options Counseling is an essential link between older adults and the services they need to help them maintain their independence. When you call our office you will speak with an individual who will be able to assist you.

Information is:

  • Informing people about programs and services
  • Identifying the types of assistance they need
  • Connecting them to appropriate service providers

Options Counseling includes:

  • Assisting individuals with identifying and understanding their needs
  • Providing individuals person-centered decision support so they make informed decisions about appropriate long-term services and supports
  • Steps which empower the individual:
    • Conduct a personal interview to discover strengths, values and preferences
    • Facilitate decision-support process which explores resources and service options
    • Develop an action plan
    • Provide quality assurance and follow up to ensure decisions and supports are working for the individual

To find out information about local resources and/or options counseling call (910) 484-0111.

Cumberland County Council on Older Adults was established in 1968 as a non-profit organization and fifty-five years later we remain committed to our original mission of helping older adults living in Cumberland County maintain their independence at home with dignity.


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